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Program Manager Certification – Batch 1

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

The goal of this course is to introduce the participant with the Roles and Responsibilities of Program Manager at KPIT. The course will help the participant to understand the Program Manager KRAs, stakeholders involved ,the list of activities which the program manager performs and how to perform them. The course will comprise of Modules on Introduction to Program Management at KPIT, FTM Refresher Module and modules on Program Setup and Program Governance

Certification Norms:

Participant will be awarded Program Manager Certification, only if he/she meets the criteria below:

  • The Participant is able to demonstrate that he or she has performed the program management activities in all the modules
  • The participant Rating in each module is either "Meets Expectation" or "Exceeds Expectation"
  • If the participant "Exceeds Expectation" in 70% modules, then he/she will be awarded Program Management Certification with an additional note of Exceptional Performance

Participant will be awarded Provisional Program Manager Certification, if he/she meets the criteria below:

  • If the participant has a rating of "Does Not Meet Expectation" in one or more modules, then he/she will be provided Provisional Program Manager Certification.
  • The Participant will have 3 more months to work on and improve in the "Does Not Meet Expectation" modules, and then he/she can apply for a Re-evaluation of Program Manager Certification
  • The Provisional Certificate will expire after 3 months of the course completion and the participant would need to retake the course. Expiry date will be mentioned in the provisional certificate
  • For participants who are not playing Program Manager role and are not working on the topics covered in the course, they will have to talk to their supervisor to get assigned to projects which will expose them to these areas

Eligibility Criteria:

The participant should be performing Program Manager Role for a Program of 20+ employees spread between 2 or more non staff-aug projects.

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