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OTX Domain Training

Enrollment in this course is by invitation only

About This Course

Demands on the diagnostic applications to support modern vehicles have been increased. This is because the complexity of modern vehicles has grown. Today to diagnose modern vehicles have a difficult task. They need to keep up with rapid changes, variant management and complex systems. This makes it challenging to test them and develop in an efficient way. OTXT is KPIT proprietary language to Author Diagnostic Test Sequence which generate otx as per standards(ISO/ASAM). Simplified language for diagnostic engineers rather than IT experts, Based on standardization, executable different platforms (supplier independent) Human and machine-readable file format (OTX), Scope can be enlarged with extensions (standard & custom), Dedicated extensions for diagnostics, Context variables ,Validities ,Signatures, Specification and implementation in same document.

At the end of each training session, assignments are given to judge the understanding of the topics discussed.


Installation of OTX. Auth Suite 2.0 application

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