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ECU Virtualization Training


About This Course

As an automotive engineer, you must deal with software complexity for multiple OEM programs, multiple program variants which demand variety of ECUs with different specifications, functionalities and vehicle interfaces. We have seen these are typical challenges that lead to delays in testing across V cycle and cost overruns:
How to manage multiple variants across products for end-to-end testing of varied application compositions, base software complexities and vehicle interfaces in a limited time period? How to reduce dependency on hardware resources (hardware-in-loop setups) to perform testing and improve productivity?

Virtualization comprises the early execution of testing, validation, and calibration by simulating the object under test and / or its environment without necessarily having the target hardware available and highlights are following:
Increase in regression test cycles as product variants demand.
More than 5 times increase in full test cycle execution.
Validation of certain parameters which cannot be tested in physical environment,

At the end of each training session, assignments are given to judge the understanding of the topics discussed.

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