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MBD - Matlab and mScript - Foundation


About This Course

This course helps you in learning and using Matlab and m-script using MathWorks- Matlab tool. The emphasis is internal working, data import, different workflows, debugging, functions, m-scripts and best practices.

The course of MBD - Matlab is divided into different levels. You can go through the specific level based on your familiarity with Model Based Design (MBD) concepts.
1. Foundation Level – For beginners with no familiarity with Matlab
• Course covers basic familiarization of matlab and the data import and algorithm development workflow.
2. Intermediate Level – Upskill towards finer features and going deeper into aspects of Algorithm Development and Automation Scripts
• Course covers MIL testing using Simulink Test, Coverage, Advisor to basic code generation. More details below.

Disclaimer:- This course is not intended for fully self-paced at present, please consider this as supplement with minimal face to face sessions and tracker for learning activities.

Topics Covered in this course:
• Getting Started Matlab
• User interface and options
• Variable, Matrices, Vectors, and others
• Inbuilt functions ex plot etc
• Functions
• M-Scripts and Live Scripts
• Auto Documentation using Matlab